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What's the best Rhodes style keyboard for touring?

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Love the fender rhodes, but it's just too heavy to tour around with, not to mention that the last thing you want to do with a vintage instrument is toss it in the back of a trailer. I've been reading around for a good keyboard version, but curious if anyone on here has a preference on the best rhodes-style keyboards out there?

Also, are the newly released models any good?


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    My favorite is the Nord Stage 2, which has samples of two Mark I's, two Mark IIs, a Mark V, and a sparkletop. The Korg SV1 is pretty good but its too even sounding. I just looked up a vid of a Roland Fantom G8 and that was even worse.

    The rhodes samples in the NS2 are also on the Nord Piano 2 and Electro 3 and 4. All of these are pretty expensive, $2000-$4000. If you're only using basic keyboard sounds (pianos, electric pianos, organs, clavinets) look for an Electro 2. They're around $1200.

    Or you could go the laptop and MIDI controller route. I think Redtape Samples has the rawest, realest sound plus its only $40. Here's a video that compares it to a real Mark I and Logics EVP88.

    The Mark VIIs are amazing but are no longer in production. They have a higher output, less key noise and bounce, and a much improved dynamic response, action, and playability. Some will say that sound too even and lack grit but with the right EQ, hammer tips, etc that can be fixed. They're $3000-4000 and extremely rare.
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