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The Rosetta Stone of music learning...


  • edited May 2013
    I just downloaded the trial version. Check out this screen shot.

    So basically you pick a song and play along with a backing track that includes the melody but doesn't have any piano in it. The staff scrolls by in time and whenever a note is played correctly it lights up. You have the option of playing with your own keyboard or piano or by touching the keys on the iPad. There is a bit of delayed reaction (latency?) when playing on the actual iPad.

    The app has options to make the song easier, called "assists". You can have the music slow down right before you're supposed to play a note, have notes named for you, and slow down the tempo. Your score is based on how many notes you play correctly,rhythmic accuracy and most importantly vibe. When they invent an app that measures vibe I'm going to hide in the hills. Points are taken away if you use the assists. 

    The songs on the trial version range from children's tunes (Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns), pop music (One Republic), to familiar classical themes (Beethoven's 5th, William Tell Overture). The pop and childrens' tunes have drums and are in strict time while the classical stuff pushes and pulls a bit, as it should.

    Since I only got the trial version all the levels were extremely easy and the melodies simplified. I think the app can be a good tool for beginners, helping with basic reading and time and maybe making it more fun for those not motivated to practice. Of course phrasing, tone, and proper technique can't be taught from this app. 

    But if I had any beginning students I'd have them try this just to see how effective it is. Here's the rub though, once you pass the first 15 songs its $10/month, $40/6 months, or $50/year to access all the songs. 
  • I just tried. It's not exactly like private lessons!
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