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Fender Rhodes Repair

edited April 2013 in Electric Pianos
I have a Fender Rhodes and I always have a hard time finding someone who will repair it. Does anyone have any insight on how to find a good guy?


  • Those are pretty terrible to ship... Where are you located? Maybe there is someone in a nearby city that you could take it to?

    I think this website should add links to repairmen. It's always hard to find trusted restoration experts.
  • I agree, if you're in a major city there should be good repairmen to take it to. What kind of work needs to be done on it? If its minor mechanical stuff you can probably do it yourself. If its electric I would take it to a repairman.

    Vintage Vibe has a whole series of youtube videos on Rhodes repair. Here's the first video <a href="" _blank " > Rhodes Repair: Getting Started
  • Oh cool.

    Do they have a video on fixing the action on a rhodes or fixing dead keys?
  • Here's a short video that shows a tech adjusting the placement of the tonebar and pickup. It also shows how to test a pickup. Here's one on troubleshooting bad notes 

    When it comes to the action I've always had a technician work on it. If the action is loose or noisy you could try the backcheck mod by Vintage Vibe. They have two videos explaining on their product page

    Vintage Vibe sells a Rhodes Repair Video on their site for $25. I'm
    guessing it covers stuff that's not on their youtube channel.
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