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Details about Technics sx px74m

edited August 2013 in Electric Pianos
Does anybody know how the bottom/ 3 pedals comes off this to transport it in a car?

Also, does it have a jack for headphones so I can play silently?

Or - can anybody point me to a website where I'd find these answers?

Many thanks!


  • Hmmm. I don't think they make those any more right? 

    Chances are that the model is similar to other Tehcnics digital pianos. They still host a lot of user manuals on the Panasonic website.... 

    For example, try this one, from the SX-PX series:

    You might just need to browse through their list of manuals until you see something that resembles the one you have.

    Try going here:

    1. Select Musical instruments from the drop down
    2. Click "locate manual"
    3. They have text box at the top that says "number of rows" - I clicked the text to the right side of that that says "Show All Rows" so that I could just see the list of every music instrument manual they have (For me it is easier to see everything this way, rather than searching).
    One of those manuals should have at least similar hardware and parts for you.

    Hope that helps!

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