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List of Piano Teaching Sites

edited July 2013 in Learning
Hey Guys! I thought it would be a good idea to list some good sites for learning how to play the piano. Here's a few that I have:

- Good for learning the basics
http://www.pianolearningresource.com - under construction but looks promising

I'd like to have a list of free resources, because I can't really afford lessons at the moment!
Any other ones that you know about?



  • Hi Stryker

    Those look like pretty good resources. I've been wondering about http://www.pianolessons.com/
    They claim to have a bunch of free lessons, though I haven't registered to check it out.

    I usually just dig around youtube for video tutorials, but it would be nice if there was a good site with the tutorial videos reviewed and sorted.
  • edited August 2013

    I checked out pianolessons.com by Nate Bosch. Here's the link so you can see the lesson without giving up your e-mail address. http://www.pianolessons.com/secret-lessons/01-rn.php

    This site is great if you're a beginner and you want to play pop songs. The focus is on learning by ear and by copying what you see the teacher doing.  Nate does a good job of defining and explaining musical terms without the beginner having to read sheet music. 

    The first five seret lessons show you what notes are on the piano, how to play a scale, chords, inversions, internals and teach you a simple song.

    The 'not secret' beginner lessons cover a lot in a little time and are more definitions and intros than actual lessons.  I skipped the intermediate lessons, but they cover reading notes, time signatures, rests, major and blues scales. I skipped to the last advanced lessons to see how advanced it really gets. Nate teaches you Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles". Its a decent video but he skipped the bridge.

    Pianist Magazine has video lessons on Pianistmagazine.com and youtube. These are much more detailed and they range from beginner to professional with a focus on classical music. Here's a vid on proper seating and posture http://www.youtube.com/user/PianistMagazine/videos

    For more advanced stuff I recommend http://www.keyboardmag.com/Lessons They have lots of free lessons in all kinds of popular styles and jazz. They even have stuff on organ playing, synths, programming, production, and more. These lessons are geared toward the semi-pro/pro musician. They also have audio examples of the lessons but they're quantized so they lack groove and human feeling.

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