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Stevie Wonder's Superstition and finding multitracks

edited May 2013 in Learning
This is a deceptively hard tune to play. One reason being that there are multiple clav parts. I found this youtube tutorial helpful. It breaks the two clav parts. You can download the scores and all separate tracks used in the tutorial here http://www.nexustrust.co.uk/christian-keysandpiano-course

And here's another youtube tutorial that shows a way of combining both parts http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_145572&feature=iv&src_vid=47YJTeOvvo4&v=Tuuck-g_o5M

Here's a link to the original recording with all the clavinet parts taken out https://soundcloud.com/paulnice/superstition-less-clav-stevie

A while back I found the actual multitrack of the original song online. Its 16 tracks and 8 of them are clavinet! Does anyone know where I can find multitracks for other songs? They're a great resource for dissecting a recording.


  • That would be a great resource. Unfortunately there are probably not a lot of record labels and recording artists that want to give that stuff out for free. 

    A lot of that old archive material is probably held on lockdown.... but eventually its all going to be public domain. Hopefully the tapes and stuff are still around by then.
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